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Wall Mount Outdoor Cabinet 9U 60X45cm


Short Description

The outdoor cabinet adopts a modular design, with the overall welding of the cabinet, good strength, and superior anti-theft performance. All supporting equipment inside the cabinet, except


Shell material: High quality galvanized steel plate, cold-rolled steel plate or aluminum plate
Institutional types: can be divided into single warehouse structure and double warehouse structure; Can be single-layer or double-layer structure
Temperature control methods: fan, air conditioning, heat exchanger
Wiring system: can integrate ODF modules
Lightning protection distribution: lightning protector, miniature circuit breaker, leakage protection switch

mso-themecolor: accent1;">■ Equipment installation: can install 19 inch (IEC) devices and BBU modules
Power system: DC power system, UPS uninterruptible power supply
Surface treatment: Adopting outdoor electrostatic powder spraying treatment, with excellent weather resistance
Monitoring system: with centralized monitoring functions such as temperature, humidity, smoke, water immersion, and access control
Anti theft design: Adopting three-point locking, there are no exposed detachable fasteners on the cabinet, and the anti-theft performance is good Single section wall mounted cabinet, front door available for many choices.
Value brought to customers
Small footprint, small volume, and light weight.
Flexible installation methods, including floor standing, wall hanging, pole holding, stacking,discharging, and stacking.
Equipped with network element management function, equipped with SPUE management and tower health management system.
Highly integrated temperature control system.
Meet the general requirements of international and domestic standards.
Technical indicators
Wind resistance performance not less than 60m/s.
The uniformly distributed load of the top plate is 1-2.5KN/m2.
Meet the requirements of outdoor waterproof and dustproof level, and the cabinet reaches IP65.
All materials have flame retardant properties that meet the B-level requirements of GB 8624-2006.
The lightning protection and grounding performance complies with the YD/T 5098-2005 Design Specification for Lightning Protection and Grounding Engineering of Communication Bureaus (Stations)
The cabinet adopts a dedicated anti-theft door lock, which meets the C-level anti-theft requirements of GA/T 73-2011 and can be equipped with a padlock